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Tequila Tasting at Villa Tortugas, Tulum

Have you ever traveled to Riviera Maya to enjoy Tequila like never before? Well, let us share the experience that our friends had at Akumal on May 23rd , 2019.

Everybody has tried Tequila on the way they´ve thought it´s more traditional; maybe also adding some special ritual to show respect for this drink: the famous “Caballitos”. That is nothing more than drinking the Tequila from a small glass and rapidly taking a bit of sliced lemon with salt… but believe us, there’s more going on.

When we arrived with our friends they were relaxing at the pool enjoying the sun and dancing to the music; they never imagined that we will prepare their table with an amazing decoration of special flower vases made up with aromatic herbs and our tasting tables all handmade by our artists each one of them with special tequila and mezcal glasses as well as little pairing surprises they were about to try.

The first steps after falling in love of that decoration is to happily receive the welcome drinks with a big smile! Made at the moment always changing, always delightful!

After this it was now time to pick a place at the table & chill out; by the hand of our mixologist they learned why nowadays the Tequila is drunk on this small glasses and some other details like who is the real father of this spirit drink. We don´t dare to tell you more or else you´ll be so thirsty…

Along with the 3 different types of Tequila, not forgetting the 4th one with Mezcal, they found the first line of pairing to the end: starting from some coffee seeds, orange skin, worm salt, cacao… to a delicious pair of small Chicatana ants or grasshoppers; Yes! You read it right! Part of our best Mexican dishes are made or created from insects previously cooked and flavored with local spices. We could have not made it without them!

Once this little but exquisite tour was coming to an end, our friends were ready for our farewell drink. This little trip would not be complete if we didn´t close it up saying the traditional: Cheers!! But as only Mexicans can do, yelling out loud our magic words: ARRIBA, ABAJO, AL CENTRO…. Y PA DENTRO !!!

We would like to give special thanks to our ladies on this activity for letting us share a little bit of our legacy.

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